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     Achieve your dreams, when I first heard it I laughed in my head and thought dreams what dreams those are dead and buried.  But then I began to wonder what it would be like to dream those dreams again.  What made those dreams die?  Where had I gone wrong?  Would I ever have that life that I desired? I had refused to allow myself to dream because of the loss of not having it hurt too badly!
     Then I attended a company meeting where John Ruble spoke about Achieving Your Dreams and how he had changed his way of thinking and now he was experiencing and receiving all of his goals and dreams.

     The thoughts again raced in.  I wanted to dream again, I wanted to feel alive, and I wanted to achieve great things and be proud of myself and have my children be proud of me too.  But, life had seemingly handed me disappointment after disappointment how could changing my way of thinking change any of this? I needed to hear more about this.


     I began by listening to lesson 1 of Thinking into Results it made sense, it made me think, it made me want to learn more.  Each lesson seemed to make my brain expand and my thoughts re-arrange.  Sounds crazy but I began to think more internally and examine myself with a different microscope.  I needed to learn more because I liked this change I was experiencing. 

     Oh, but wait we hit a lesson regarding a knowing-doing gap.  That was the one that I felt like I couldn’t face.  Too many things and thoughts blocked my way.  I knew what I wanted but the doing part was something I just couldn’t face.   John in his kind soft voice would coach us through each lesson.  When we would hit a roadblock he would give other ways to look at that roadblock.  I remember one lesson breaking down in tears because the knowing what I needed to do and the actual act of doing what I needed to was something I didn’t think I could do.   John worked with us week after week until I could finally little by little get closer to the doing part of the gap.

     Finally, John’s coaching was making sense and I felt more confident in my decisions and in myself in general.  I made a decision to start taking care of myself and to better communicate with my spouse, my employer, and my children. Each step along the way John was there to help and guide as well as provide a different perspective on situations.  The internal growth has spilled over externally and my life, my job, my relationships are beginning to line up with my dreams that I thought were dead and buried. I don’t think I would be where I am emotionally, mentally, and/or physically if John and his coaching to Achieve Your Dreams had not been as effective as they are.


     Don’t hesitate, you really can Achieve Your Dreams and John is there to help you along the journey.
 Joanna P.


John is an amazing Coach, Mentor, and Friend who takes the time to ensure you understand and are ready to move forward. He's flexible with his schedule and always goes above and beyond to deliver quality service 100% of the time! We have learned so much and are putting into practice what we've learned from this program to be better Coaches, Leaders, Friends, Parents, and Servants!

Thanks, John for all your help!!

Steve S.

John Ruble Certified Consultant Turn Thinking into resultsJohn Ruble


“Working with John has helped me to achieve goals and helped me to be a more positive person overall.

He has helped us to realize our true potential as people and business owners. I am grateful for John’s program and all he has done to help us along the way.
It truly is a program designed to help anyone with achieving anything in life. So much has changed in one year that it is hard to keep track of the huge impact this has had on our lives.”
 Amy R.




 The understanding of goal achieving and the power of our marvelous mind is here at it’s best with Achieve Your Dreams! 

Wuyu W.

Get Inspired


John’s program, “Thinking into Results” came along at the precise moment in time for me.

I was struggling with my sole proprietorship as the landscape in my field (private healthcare practice) was drastically changing, and I hadn’t had an uptick in income in nearly 10 years.  It had actually been declining even though I felt I was doing better work.

Motivation was a struggle, and even setting goals was getting to be demoralizing as the road ahead was looking desperately like the road behind: disappointing.   I needed something to help me reframe my attitude for success.  I knew I was talented and could succeed at just about anything I put my mind to, but I was far removed from being in a success-mindset and I couldn’t postulate success anymore.

TIR put things into perspective—radically so.  I realized quickly that the condition and mindset into which I had devolved was not permanent—if I didn’t allow it to be.  And TIR gave me a way forward that the everyday grind saps out of you.  It rekindled the principles of success and be-do-have that I knew existed but had lost faith in.

The daily motivational quips that John sends in addition to the TIR program modules keep my mindset moving towards what matters most.

As a result, I’m now poised to make more in one year than I have in several of the last years combined.  New opportunities have appeared and the road ahead is now wide open, exciting, and on my terms.   I look back at what catalyzed the change.  It obviously started with Thinking Into Results.

Mike R.

Thinking into Results


I met John by pure chance, or as some say, by coincidence.  But was it? 

I was in the middle of reading Bob Proctor’s book, “The Art of Living” when John just happened to walk into a local retail store I was working at and we struck up a conversation.  We met up a few days later for coffee and an instant friendship was formed. 

The laws of attraction were well at work here.

I believe in constant and never-ending improvement in all areas of my life.  Having John enter the process took my life to a whole new level. 

You can read a book to gain knowledge.  You can go to a seminar to get motivated.  You can meditate to understand your thoughts.  You can even buy a planner to organize your chaotic life, but to have John by your side will help you act on your passions, grow your self-confidence, see your dreams become reality. 

Working with John over the past year, my life has completely turned around.  My finances skyrocketed which is giving me the opportunity to build my dream company.  The right people are crossing my path just when I need them. The programs John offers work.  Don’t let the opportunity slip by and live a life you design.

Roc P.



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