Lead the Field

The New Lead the Field Coaching     

This is a fantastic program and was originally created by Earl Nightingale. Bob Proctor has redone the program with Sandy Gallagher. It brings the laws of the universe to the surface.
This is a digital program and you are able to keep it and continue to listen and improve yourself. It is a
total of 12 lessons, each lasts 10 days. It includes 12 audios and 24 videos and also a workbook you can
print out. You receive a video every 5 days to go along with the lessons. You follow what is in the
lessons and your awareness will keep getting better and better. Your results will start to explode.
I also facilitate each lesson every ten days either through webinar or phone. You also get a major bonus
if you attend a question and answer session with Bob and Sandy up to 4 times to help with any questions
you may have.
You receive your first video fifteen minutes after signing up. So let’s go for those BIG DREAMS!


Main offer price $2,995 paid in full or equal payments of $800 = $3,200





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Living the Legacy

Living the Legacy      $1,995

This course has made thousands of millionaires. It’s about the book thin and Grow Rich. Bob Proctor started reading this in 1961 and took his income from $4,000 to $175,000 in one year and over 1 million in five years.

1. Bob tells you how to be successful by breaking down the secrets.
2. Bob failed time and time again until Ray Stanford got him to read and study Think and Grow Rich.
3. He dives deep into each of the 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich like no other person ever has.  He has been studying this material for 57 years.
4. You can continue to watch the 16 video lessons and raise your awareness to success.

This is a high-quality movie style production that takes you on a journey through Think and Grow Rich. 
16 Full-length video lessons on the 13 principles.




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The Streaming Club

Streaming Club      

You receive a stream meeting each week with the worlds master thinkers either Bob Proctor or Sandy Gallagher. You may sometimes get more than one. Along with this, you get all live Paradigm Shift and Goal Achieving streaming. That alone is 2 to 4 times per year.
*Gets you in the right vibration to take action
*Increase positive thought for a better attitude
*Better perception when looking at opportunities
*Gets you on the path to move toward your goals

Also Receive
*Access to past streaming sessions
*Cancellation at any time (no hassle)
*Fantastic customer service
Imagine working on your goals and dreams by spending time with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher.  This is like having a weekly show and being able to watch reruns with both Bob and Sandy.
Reading recommendations from Bob’s 3,000 books
Find out the tools Sandy and Bob are using for their success 

You may want to cancel satellite or cable to watch Proctor/Gallagher TV
Submit questions and answers, special guests and business opportunities.


$99.97 a month less than $25 per week 

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Magic in your Mind

Magic in Your Mind      

This digital program teaches you how to use the six mental faculties located in the conscious mind.
Teaches you not to live your senses; see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Napoleon Hill talks about developing your mental faculties in think and Grow Rich and Wallace Wattles talked about it in the Science of Getting Rich which the movie The Secret was taken from.

Authors Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and Mary Morrissy teach you how to develop your six higher mental faculties- imagination, intuition, will, perception, memory and reason.

Start living from the inside out and experience the magic and power of your marvelous mind.

This is a six week course. It is three in one coaching and here is how it works. 
Each week you will receive an audio coaching lesson on one of the six faculties from Bob and Mary.
Each lesson provides in-depth insight into what each faculty is, how you can use it to improve the quality of your life and ways to develop it.

Sandy will send you a video lesson and exercise every single day. The daily lesson will provide additional insights and specific techniques to take you further toward understanding, developing and actively using each faculty.

By the end of each week, you will not only have developed one of your faculties you will also know when and how to use it in a more effective and rewarding way.

This coaching program isn’t about theory or wishing and hoping. It is about actively and deliberately changing your thoughts so you can create the life you want right now.

In six weeks you’ll discover how to:

*Move beyond mere mental activity to real thinking
*Originate thoughts that vibrate in harmony with who you want to be, do and have
*Consciously use your imagination to purposely bring your goals to life and create a life you want
*Create forward and project future memories of an event that is beyond the point where your wish has come true
*Change your perception of how you look at challenges to improve your results
*Teach you how to have focus by developing the will to achieve those dream goals




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Science of Gettig Rich

Science of Getting Rich Program  (WITH LIMITED TIME SPECIAL BONUS!) -  WORTH OVER $10,000!   

This program is what The Secret was taken from. It teaches you the science of getting rich. To have more wealth, happiness and health.

This program has helped many corporations earn millions of dollars. It can teach you how to get any goal that you want. Bob Proctor has used this material to build a fortune. You will learn a formula that you can use to become rich in all areas of your life.
Within 15 minutes of signing up for this program, you will have access to all the 17 sessions in it.

There are 18 audios that can be downloaded to your computer or mobile device so you are able to listen to it no matter what time or place of day.

Authors Bob Proctor and sandy Gallagher


Session 1 The Right to be Rich
Session 2 The Science of Getting Rich
Session 3 Is Opportunity Monopolized?
Session 4 The First Principle
Session 5 Increasing Life
Session 6 How Riches Come to You
Session 7 Gratitude
Session 8 Thinking in a Certain Way
Session 9 How to Use the Will
Session 10 Further Use of the Will
Session 11 Acting in a Certain Way
Session 12 Effective Action
Session 13 Getting Into the Right Business
Session 14 The Impression of Increase
Session 15 The Advancing Person
Session 16 Some Cautions and Concluding Observations
Session 17 A Summary of the Science of Getting Rich
People who want to increase wealth and use the science to achieve it with.

What this Package Includes:

The Science Of Getting Rich Program – This Course Will Empower You To Produce Wealth & Live The Life You Want… ($9,997 Value)

Streaming Club – 1 Year All Access – Consistently GROW Your Income Through LIVE Private Coaching Sessions Every 2 Weeks… ($1,188 Value)

Digital Workbook – This 210 Page Workbook Will Help Impart The Reality Of The Law Of Attraction Into Your Subconscious Mind… ($497 Value)

6 Minutes To Success – Receive A 6 Min Video Every Morning With Bite Size Success Tips On A Wide Range Of Topics Including Universal Laws, Money, Health, & Relationships… ($348 Value)

Success Puzzle – Organize Your Goals And Lay Out The Specific Plan Of Action To Create Success In Every Area Of Your Life… ($195 Value)

12 Principles For Winning The Mind Game – Learn From My 50 Years Of Experience In How To Have Constant Victor In The Mind… ($149 Value)

BONUS #1: 1-On-1 Strategy Session Call For First 50 People Only… ($997 Value)

BONUS #2: Free Live-Streaming Ticket To Our Next Event For First 50 People Only… ($497 Value)

Fast & Awesome Support – (Value PRICELESS)




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Six Minutes to Success

Six Minutes to Success

Start your day off right by listening to a positive start to your day. You get practical steps combined with real inspiration to achieve those dream goals.
Receive it to your computer or mobile device
Help keep you on track taking action towards your goal
Receive lessons from Bob Proctor star of the hit movie The Secret
Imagine where your life could be in 30, 60 or 90 days of daily action steps with inspiration. Also you can take your imagination and make it a reality.


Success start-up kit
Getting started and achieving your goals is simple. Before you can build your dream home you must first start with a plan and a foundation. That is also the same for your dream life. This comes with a success start-up kit that consists of 4 videos that will lay the foundation for the good that you desire and help you get the most of your 6 minutes to success membership.


Action Planner
If you want success fast the 6 minute action planner is inspiring, thought-provoking and refreshingly challenging.
Every morning you receive a brand new video on universal laws pertaining to health, wealth and happiness. Spend time with the number one mind person in the world Bob Proctor every day 365 days a year.
You will receive a new thought-provoking mind-expanding idea along with action you can take to get those positive results you desire. The results you get will be amazing.
You can review all past audio or videos so if you want information on books or quotes he mentions you
can go back and write them down. 


$1 2-Week Trial with $139.00 6-month recurring subscriptions



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Six Minutes to Success

Working With the Law      $1,495

The title of this program is stated well, it’s about working with the laws of the universe. It is taught by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissy,  leaders in the personal development field. This Program will teach you about the 11 main laws of the universe, including the Law of Attraction. These laws are not known by too many people but they do control the results we get in our lives no matter what they are.
This program will get you the results you want by eliminating the confusion we get in life trying to succeed. These lessons will get you to be in harmony with the laws.
Within 15 minutes of purchasing, you will have access to all the programs. Materials will be available and you will be off and running to changing your life.

The program is a series of 12 audio lessons that you can stream to your computer or mobile device and will enable you to have access at any time. It consists of 12 full-length audios and a 142-page digital printable workbook.

Here are the 12 lessons
1. Working With the Law
2. The Law of Thinking
3. The Law of Attraction
4. The Law of Supply
5. The Law of Increase
6. The Law of Receiving
7. The Law of Compensation
8. The Law of Forgiveness
9. The Law of Non-Resistance
10. The Law of Obedience
11. The Law of Success
12. The Law of Sacrifice




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About the Laws

Path To Agreement

Path to Agreement Professional Selling      

This Program is for the professional salesperson.
Sales- Highest paying jobs in the world state it begins in the mind. It is all a mind game.
Selling is all about providing a service or thing a person needs and then mixing it with something you have to offer.
You move the prospect down a path of agreement.
It is a proven 6 step process that Bob Proctor teaches about a win-win proposition.

Product Features
• Path to Agreement is a professional selling digital program that you download to your digital mobile device or computer.
• Three-hour webinar
• Includes a 28 page digital workbook



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The Art of Goal Creation

The Art of Goal Achieving

3 1⁄2 days Oct 10-13 2019

Learn how to use the laws from Bob Proctor on achieving your goals
You can achieve whatever you wants in life. It will teach you how to get that burning desire and go after that BIG DREAM
Held in front of a live audience. You will receive a 14 day replay of the event so you can watch it over and over again. The printable workbook also comes with this.
Taught by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. It will work with anyone and everyone to improve your life.



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