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I am a student of Bob Proctor and have an in depth knowledge of his material. I had worked 37 years leading a manufacturing team and productivity by motivating and implementing process improvements. I now work full time with Bob teaching and facilitating his material. I work with companies and individuals on achieving their goals whether personal, in business, health, wealth and relationships.
I have been using motivational material for 35 years and some of the teachers I saw in person were Zig Ziglar and Les Brown. I have also studied Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill’s teachings. Everything started to change the moment I picked up the book The Art of Living by Bob Proctor. At that point in my life, the missing part to my puzzle was solved. I now understood what the paradigm was and how to change it.
There are only two ways to change a paradigm. One way is an emotional impact and the other is through repetition. Watching and listening to the same material or writing it over and over again. Example of an emotional impact would be 911 where lives are changed instantly. I left my job of 37 years after attending the Matrixx by using repetition to make those changes. I became a consultant and started my own company, Achieve Your Dreams. It was through the material I facilitate that I was able to make these changes. The program is called Thinking Into Results. I also wrote out the Persistence chapter from Think and Grow Rich for over 400 days. I study this material daily and I am excited about the changes I see in my clients as well as the results they are achieving.


Some examples of their achievements are writing books, creating patents, starting companies and taking their income from nothing to 6 digits. Anyone who has worked with me and is willing to apply themselves have seen positive results.

John Ruble Certified Consultant Turn Thinking into resultsJohn Ruble

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 John’s program, “Thinking into Results” came along at the precise moment in time for me.  I was struggling with my sole proprietorship as the landscape in my field (private healthcare practice) was drastically changing, and I hadn’t had an uptick in income in nearly 10 years. It had actually been declining even though I felt I was doing better work.
Motivation was a struggle, and even setting goals was getting to be demoralizing as the road ahead was looking desperately like the road behind: disappointing. I needed something to help me reframe my attitude for success. I knew I was talented and could succeed at just about anything I put my mind to, but I was far removed from being in a success-mindset and I couldn’t postulate success anymore.

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